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Saturday, 21 July 2012


Blue Pools Houston

Great write up on what a "healthy" pool actually is. The correct chemical treatment and filtration can make all the difference.


A very big part of having a nice pool is making sure that all the things mentioned above work correctly. A lot of people worry about the style of the pool rather than focus on making sure that it works right. While that is a important part to have a nice looking pool, its equally important to make sure that the filters and other systems work so that you can enjoy the entire pool as a whole.

Zach Thalman

I think there are a lot of people that could maybe look at their pool filtration. I have gone swimming multiple times where people's hair have changed colors. I am planning on building my pool this spring and I will have to learn more about how to take care of the chemical treatment so I don't have the same problems to my pool. I will have to see what I need to do to make sure the children are all safe while swimming.

Jim Tracy

I have always wanted to get a swimming pool. I think it would be a lot of fun to have access to a pool whenever you wanted! That sounds like such a luxury.

Rose Henderson

This is a great list of facts for any folks who own a pool. I know I'm planning on building a pool at my place someday and this information will become very useful when the time comes. I never realized there was so much that went into maintaining a pool and keeping the water safe.


This is one of the reasons why it is definitely a good idea to have something consistent when it comes to pool services. It would be pretty annoying to have to do that by yourself on a daily basis. It still does not detract me from wanting a pool one of these days.

Deanna R. Jones

I agree, it's really important to take care of the chemical treatments and filtration in your pool. They can be a lot of fun, but not when they're a germy mess. Pools are a lot more fun when they're properly sanitized.


When my pool in built, I want to be able to have clean water for my family to swim in. I have heard that there are alternatives to Chlorine, as far a keeping your water clean is concerned. My neighbors have sea salts I believe. If that is what they have, how do sea salts work in a swimming pool?

William Walker

The pool in the backyard needs to be looked at. The last time we went in it started to hurt our skin. I wonder if there is something wrong with the balance of the chlorine and water.

Gary Puntman

I would love to have a swimming pool in my backyard. I want to know about these things and learn how I can make sure it is healthy and clean. I know that this will require regular maintenance.

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